3 Years Older but 3 Minutes Faster

I love doing the Metasprint Aquathlon at Palawan Beach, Sentosa Resort, Singapore every year. I have been racing this sprint aquathlon (750 m swim & 5 Km run) since 2013, and I use it to kick-start my multi-sport year. Held every February, many triathletes use the race to shake-off the holiday blues and to determine how much more training they will need before they reach competitive level for their “A” race. The swim is done on the peaceful and secluded waters of Palawan Beach, while the run is along the road parallel to the beach with plenty of shade.

Being the geeky triathlete that I am, I looked back at my past records, and I was extremely happy to see that I have vastly improved since my first race! I am 3 years older, but my overall race time has improved by nearly 3 minutes! This is huge (!), well, at least for me because a 3-minute improvement is like crossing the finish line 600 meters ahead compared to 3 years ago!


Time (minutes)

Swim, 750 m

Transition Run, 5 Km



19:48 2:37 25:34 48:00
2015 19:22 2:17 26:54


2016 17:41 2:32 25:13


I attribute my race improvement to primarily two (2) things. First, my swimming has significantly improved. This is totally unexpected because swimming is my weakest sport in a triathlon. I couldn’t even swim 50 meters until my late twenties, when my girlfriend (now my wife, Chris) taught me how to breath properly, so that I can last the distance. It took me years before I felt really comfortable swimming in open water and learning proper technique. More recently, I have gotten a personal swim coach, who taught me bi-lateral breathing. And this has helped me improve not only my distance per stroke, but also my ability to do “sighting” in open water, thereby, saving me precious time from getting lost and minimizing energy expenditure that I can reserve for the run.

The second thing that has improved is my running. Although I have improved by a measly 21 seconds between my 2013 and 2016 5 Km run splits, I was surprised that I was able to maintain my speed, despite my legs being 3 years older! My secrets to ageless running are, one, speed work, and two, race simulation. Doing interval training at the track oval has certainly paid off because it taught my legs to maintain a fast pace for the sprint race. I also did at least 2 race simulations by swimming in my apartment’s outdoor pool, then running around our neighborhood. Although the water visibility in the pool and the run terrain were different from the race itself, it did helped my body to be accustomed to the transition from swimming to running.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the start of my 2016 multi-sport year. It also inspires me to continue training and supplement it with track oval speed work and weight-training.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome 2016 everyone!


Race Report: 21 Km 2XU Compression Run, Singapore

4 hours after the 2XU Compression Run Singapore started at exactly 5:00 AM at the famous F1 Pit Building, Singapore, over 20,000 runners crossed the finish line, beaming with smiles and high-5’s for conquering their respective race categories (21 Km, 10 Km, and 5 Km). Overall, it was a great race! It was well-organized from the paid shuttle bus service, bag check-in, multiple wave starts to avoid over-crowding, race marshals at strategic points of the race route, water and sports drink stations every 2 Km, and the after race festivities


My race photo courtesy of Pic2Go

After you claim your race medal, finisher’s shirt (for 21 Km runners only), bananas, and Pocari Sweat, you can pamper yourself to a massage, sponsored by Tiger Balm Active. The massage was simply what my tired feet and legs needed, and although it hurt a lot (uncle applied the right pressure on my cramping muscles), I felt relieved right after. There were also free yoga sessions for those who preferred this relaxing exercise for recovery. Another great treat were the free pictures taken by Pic2Go, which tagged you during the race and automatically posted your race photos on FaceBook after you enter your BIB number.



Ahhh… massage =)

Although the race route was mostly flat, it was tough because of the hot and humid temperature. I initially thought it would be cool during the run, but I was sweating profusely even at 5 Km into the race. It’s a good thing I brought my hydration belt, which allowed me to drink at will and avoid the crowded drinking stations. I only needed to refill one of my flasks at Kilometer-11. I walked a few times after Kilometer-17 to stretch my hamstrings and calves, which felt like starting to cramp. But after a “power walk”, I quickly recovered my pace and kept it until the finish line. I finished in 2:09.18, which is a new 21 Km Personal Best (PB) in hot and humid Singapore!


Thanks for reading and hats-off to the race organizers! Thank you too to MOBE MTTB for providing me the resources to pursue my passion in sports!

Sean Wray – Former Police Officer turned Entrepreneur

I have met Sean Wray twice – First during the MOBE (My Online Business Education) Home Business Summit last Jan’16, then a second time in March’16 at the Super Charge Summit, both held in Singapore. Little did I know that this tall unassuming British guy was actually the HULK (i.e., Marvel superhero) personified (!), except that he does not turn green, and I have never seen him angry.

Sean used to serve in the London Metropolitan Police Force before he pursued his true passion in sports and personal calling as a Success coach. Today, he is one of MOBE’s Diamond Affiliate partners, and he travels all over the world as part of its Success Team, who deliver training at various live events. He is a body-builder and personal fitness trainer. He owns two (2) cross-fit gyms. And he runs a very successful online business that caters to elite athletes and glamour models. I asked him what is his secret in being so successful in managing his time and businesses amidst all his overseas travelling.

Find-out his secrets and more by watching my 3-minute interview of him. You will also discover how MOBE MTTB (My Top Tier Business) can help you pursue your passion in sports!

Thanks and see you soon!

Yannick van den Bos – Living Life on His Own Terms

Despite being only in his early 20’s, Yannick van den Bos has learned to live life on his own terms. He is one of MOBE (My Online Business Education)’s Success Team  coaches, who travel all over the world, that not only deliver training, but also inspire budding entrepreneurs reach their financial success through online marketing. He paddle boards, does cross-fit, plays basketball and other beach-bound sports activities during his leisure time, which he confesses is quite a lot! He lives in a beach in Mexico, and enjoys the relaxing sea breeze and glorious sunsets. He revealed that he can afford such a lifestyle because of his very successful online marketing business through MOBE. In fact, he paid-off her mom’s debt of tens of thousands of dollars during his first year with MOBE. Today, Yannick has earned over US$ 170,000, and he is one of MOBE top Diamond Affiliate Partners.

Watch my full interview of Yannick below during the Super Charge Summit in Singapore last March 4-6, 2016. Enjoy and see you soon!

Jose – Family Man, IronMan, Entrepreneur

During the Super Charge Summit in Singapore last March 4-6, 2016, I met Jose from Nicaragua, one of the Success Team coaches in MOBE (My Online Business Education). He approached me during one of the training breaks. He said he noticed I was wearing an IronMan finisher shirt, and that sparked a common interest between us. I learned that he too had been doing triathlons for some time, from 1998 to 2008 to be exact. He had raced at Saint Anthony, Tampa, Florida (Olympic Distance), Chicago (OD), Tampa Max Bein (70.3 IronMan), Clairmont, Orlando (70.3), and Panama City, Florida (IronMan Full Distance). What was even more inspiring is that he did these races, in order to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation. He stopped racing due to a back injury and since then, he had been focusing on raising his family and growing various businesses.

Jose is an accomplished businessman in real estate in Nicaragua and Florida. He deals with the import and export of coconut oil. He and his wife also run an ice manufacturing business, and more recently, Jose has become a Diamond Affiliate Partner of MOBE. Jose shared that he did not finish University education, but that he had accomplished a lot and earned more money than others who have gone through University because of his persistence, passion, resourcefulness, and clarity of purpose. These are qualities that according to Jose, are not only important to be successful in sports, but also in Internet Marketing, and life in general.

Watch my full interview of Jose here. Enjoy and see you soon!

Why Tridaddy?

Why “Tridaddy”? Well, some people will readily suggest that it is because this blog is dedicated to triathlete dads out there. This is mostly right. But more than balancing family life with the demands of triathlon training (swimming, biking, and running) and competing, Tri-daddies have equally important responsibilities at work and the larger community that they belong to, be it their church, a tri-club, etc.

It is much easier to understand the demands and various responsibilities that a Tri-daddy needs to attend to if he identifies the different life-roles he plays. For example, for me, my Top-5 roles are being a Strong Triathlete, Awesome Dad, Faithful Christian, Loving Husband, and Inspiring Manager (at work).

My 2016 Roles & Priorities

I like keeping my TOP roles to five to keep them manageable. I have previously attended a Work-Life Effectiveness (WLE) training from work, and one of the most important learnings I remember is that I need to focus on a few roles to become truly effective in playing each one. When one tries to juggle too many roles that outnumber the fingers in one hand (that is five), then one will likely encounter difficulty in finding the balance. This does not mean that I need to completely abandon my previous life-roles, like being a son to my father, or a brother to my siblings, etc. It is just that I don’t need to play those roles as frequently as I used today, now that I have my own family.

Going back to the idea of identifying my Top-5 roles and being effective in each one, I will usually start the beginning of each new year by list down specific things that I will do, to help me play my role as best as I can. For example, as a Strong Triathlete, I will identify specific races that I will join at least for the first half of the year. I usually start with small races that help me prepare and train, leading-up to my “A” race towards the 2nd half of the year. As an Awesome Dad, I list down programs I will undertake to grow my special-needs twins’ social development, like reading and learning new ideas available from the Autism Treatment Center of America. And this exercise goes on for each role.

Clearly, one cannot perform all roles at once. It will take conscious prioritization to be awesome in a specific role when the situation requires it.

So there! Tri-Daddies are more than athlete-dads. They have many roles that they find the most effective way to balance. Being one is challenging, but it is certainly rewarding!

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon!