About TriDaddy Gil


20+ Years of Active Living

TriDaddy Gil is an age-group triathlete who started in the sport way back in year 2000. Coming from a running background (track-and-field hurdler and sprinter) during his high school and university days (1991-1996), his girlfriend (and now wife) Chris introduced him to the crazy sport of triathlon as a different kind of challenge and adventure. Since then, Gil has fallen in love with the multi-sport (and Chris of course!), and he has been competing in sprint, Olympic Distance, and 70.3 IronMan distance triathlons, including aquathlons, duathlons, and marathons.

Fast-forward to 2016 and now happily married to Chris with 3 amazing kids: Amor & Nathan (special-needs twins) and Ian, Gil continues to compete in multi-sport events on top of his family commitments and work. Gil started this blog to share his personal journey of being a triathlete dad, including its challenges, personal tips to overcome them, and most importantly, the rewards and blessings of living an active lifestyle with his family! Enjoy reading, share your comments, and please visit the Product Offers and Freebies pages. Thank you and see you soon!

Gil, Chris & Our Tri-kids (Amor, Ian, Nathan)

Gil, Chris & Our Tri-kids (Amor, Ian & Nathan)

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