Why Tridaddy?

Why “Tridaddy”? Well, some people will readily suggest that it is because this blog is dedicated to triathlete dads out there. This is mostly right. But more than balancing family life with the demands of triathlon training (swimming, biking, and running) and competing, Tri-daddies have equally important responsibilities at work and the larger community that they belong to, be it their church, a tri-club, etc.

It is much easier to understand the demands and various responsibilities that a Tri-daddy needs to attend to if he identifies the different life-roles he plays. For example, for me, my Top-5 roles are being a Strong Triathlete, Awesome Dad, Faithful Christian, Loving Husband, and Inspiring Manager (at work).

My 2016 Roles & Priorities

I like keeping my TOP roles to five to keep them manageable. I have previously attended a Work-Life Effectiveness (WLE) training from work, and one of the most important learnings I remember is that I need to focus on a few roles to become truly effective in playing each one. When one tries to juggle too many roles that outnumber the fingers in one hand (that is five), then one will likely encounter difficulty in finding the balance. This does not mean that I need to completely abandon my previous life-roles, like being a son to my father, or a brother to my siblings, etc. It is just that I don’t need to play those roles as frequently as I used today, now that I have my own family.

Going back to the idea of identifying my Top-5 roles and being effective in each one, I will usually start the beginning of each new year by list down specific things that I will do, to help me play my role as best as I can. For example, as a Strong Triathlete, I will identify specific races that I will join at least for the first half of the year. I usually start with small races that help me prepare and train, leading-up to my “A” race towards the 2nd half of the year. As an Awesome Dad, I list down programs I will undertake to grow my special-needs twins’ social development, like reading and learning new ideas available from the Autism Treatment Center of America. And this exercise goes on for each role.

Clearly, one cannot perform all roles at once. It will take conscious prioritization to be awesome in a specific role when the situation requires it.

So there! Tri-Daddies are more than athlete-dads. They have many roles that they find the most effective way to balance. Being one is challenging, but it is certainly rewarding!

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you soon!

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